Department Store & Retail Cleaning

Retail cleaning to a high consistent standard is essential. As a client facing business we know you must make a good impression to your customers.  We share this responsibility and as your service provision partner we implement the required high cleaning standards and maintain them. We will also ensure this consistency is benchmarked month in month out.

We provide a superior retail cleaning service and ensure that the detail cleaning required is completed each day. We’ll fit into your schedule, cleaning both the shop floor and all the back office areas, to ensure that we leave your premises pristine, ready for another day of business.

We can also provide daytime janitors and cleaning operatives to ensure that your building remains clean and hygienic throughout the working day. We can provide battery powered equipment which is extremely quiet and creates little or no disturbance while operated. They have no trailing cables alleviating a health and safety risk that would otherwise restrict operations in an occupied building. We can also provide a complete kitchen and washroom cleaning service including the supply and restocking of paper products, soap, dishwasher tablets and other essentials.

Health and safety is a major consideration in the retail environment. Our high standards ensure this is never an issue for you. We’re also happy to discuss any specialist cleaning requirements you may have. We have over 30 years operation experience in the retail sector.