Premiserv Recruitment Services For On Site Staff

make an enquiry and specify your requirements

our recruitment experts identify, select and shortlist candidates

candidates are referred and interviews are arranged

offer of employment made

our invoice is issued

Regardless of your facility we ensure that you the best possible team working to ensure your services meet your on site requirements day in and day out.

We can provide recruitment services for a wide range of facilites and have specialists to advise you at every stage.


The initial meeting will agree the requirements of the  recruitment process, agreeing the goals and timeframe for Premiserv to fulfil the employment role. 


We will then begin screening all candidates interested in the available position, filtering applications to ensure only the best applications are put forward to interview stage.  


We will then begin interviews and conduct final checks of all candidates before arranging final interviews. While qualifying reference checks. 


When the final interviews have been completed we are on hand to offer any additional help or advice prior to appointing the new member of your on site services team.

We provide our clients with an Excellent Service and this is the focus of our organisation from top to bottom.