Premiserv Recruitment Services For On Site Staff

Regardless of your facility we ensure that you have detailed information to allow you to rationalise your services to meet your requirement.

We can provide a detailed consultation for a wide range of facilites and have specialists to advise you at every stage.


The intial meeting will agree the requirements of the  consultation, agreeing the goals and timeframe for the cleaning service analysis. 


We will then visit your premises to conduct a site survery to assess the service required for your premises. We collect detailed information regarding the during the survey. 


A report will then be produced details the service required including our reccomendation allowing you to  comapnre to your current service and implement any efficiencies .


When you have reviewed your report we will arrange a visit to your premises to address any questions you have regarding your report. 

We provide our clients with an Excellent Service and this is the focus of our organisation from top to bottom.