School cleaning

Premiserv is a specialist provider in school cleaning services and caretaking services.

School cleaning is essential to ensure a safe and hygienic learning environment.

Whether your premises are high school, primary school, pre-school or Nursery it is imperative you have a cleaning service providing not only the best possible standards of cleaning but the highest possible standards of hygiene minimising absence due to illness.

All our employees are all trained in infection control allowing you to be safe in knowledge our modern cleaning techniques and cleaning products are not only removing the dirt you can see but also the bacteria and virus's you can’t.

Exclusive Services

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Premiserv staff working in school services are required to have a current enhanced DBS check and detailed employment reference checks. This includes our cover staff & mobile cleaning teams. We ensure full compliance with your safeguarding policy

We provide cleaning and caretaking services to a diverse range of primary schools and secondary schools.

We work closely with schools across the North of England.

Staff Management

school cleaning

Premiserv cleaning standards are above the industry average.

We have ensured the improvement of cleaning standards for all our clients.

Best Value

We offer the best possible value service to all schools. We will detail our cleaning service and why it will return the maximum benefit for minimum cost to the school.


We use methods such as Electronic Employee Time & Attendance software to protect your investment. We implement mandatory electronic quality audits and client meetings with open rolling agendas to ensure that the service is bespoke and therefore we enhance productivity.

Cleaning Assessment

We have a dedicated school cleaning service department that will conduct an assessment of your current cleaning service schedules strengths and weaknesses so that the problems are stopped when our service provision begins.


We forge long term partnerships that offer a mutually beneficial working relationship with our clients based upon trust, professionalism and high standards of service delivery.

We are always happy to provide references from schools that currently use our services.

We are happy to meet with the schools governors to discuss our management procedures.
Please do not hesitate to contact us call 0800 148 8005.