Window cleaning

We provide window cleaning services to a large number of clients across Manchester, the North West, Liverpool, Cheshire and Yorkshire.

The system pumps purified water through the carbon fibre pole to the brush where it is applied to the window and agitated with the soft bristles. The de-ionised water pumped from the state of the art van mounted water storage system ensures the finish is spot free when dry. The purified water ensures the windows stay cleaner for longer without using any cleaning solutions and leave no sticky cleaning product residue.
The system works virtually all types of windows, facades, signage, fascias, cladding and other services up to the height of 65ft utilising the state of the art carbon fibre poles. Combined with various lightweight carbon fibre poles we can clean all different sites and buildings to an extremely high standard. The wide range of poles we operate with can clean up to 65ft. The lightweight carbon fibre poles make sure even at this height the cleaning is of a constantly high standard. The facelift range has been designed with the professional window cleaner in mind who regularly works at heights of 40ft plus and expects innovative design, quality products and a durable robust water fed pole.

We use a mixture of traditional window cleaning methods and water fed pole window cleaning techniques.

Why use high reach pole method?

The high reach pole method of cleaning windows using purified water eliminates the risk associated with the traditional window cleaning method.

Health and Safety

The system removes the necessity for ladders at every stage of the window cleaning process.


The systems is operated form the ground without the need for access equipment meaning the system can be used virtually anywhere on any surface. Little consideration is given to the cleaning of buildings historically and this system ensures previously inaccessible areas can now be cleaned. The use of on board water tanks contained in the van mean the self-contained system does not need water or electricity.


The system is completely environmentally friendly using only water and no chemicals. It is not necessary to worry about spillage as the pure water is neutral and completely inert.


The system reduces the time necessary to conduct cleaning as well as ensuring higher standards and these savings are passed on to our customers. The necessity for the use of equipment such as access platforms for example the most common platform cherry pickers leads to reduced costs of our service which is passed on to our customers.


The process of cleaning windows is far quicker and has less of an onsite presence. The works are conducted at ground level

It is universally agreed that these methods are the safest and have become synonymous cost efficiency and site safety.

 The use of purified water instead of surface chemicals is clearly environmentally sound. As the water is simply purified and contains no chemicals the process has no adverse effect on the environment whatsoever.

Let the sun shine in!

Our window cleaning service does just that.

Our variety of cleaning methods and experience in the area mean we can guarantee to leave your windows sparkling. The traditional method of a squeegee and applicator means that at ground level, your windows get the personal touch. The maneuverability of water-fed poles means they are perfect for large scale window cleaning and glass roofs, without disturbing the surrounding areas.